Hej då Campanella


Artistic team: Rumiko Otsuka: Director/Choreographer/Dancer
Kunihiko Matsuo: Co-director, Scenographer/Audio&visual artist
Junji Koyanagi: Programming, Scenographer/Audio&visual artist
Elin Waileth: Composer/Dancer

スウェーデン在住のコリオグラファーRumiko Otsukaとのコレボレーション公演に、松尾邦彦と共に舞台美術、映像、音楽、プログラミングで参加しました。

Inspired by the book Night on the milky way train by the Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa choreographer Rumiko Otsuka makes her first full length performance addressing the question of self-sacrifice in relation to happiness. Hej då Campanella is a Swedish/Japanese collaboration between choreographer Rumiko Otsuka and audio and visual artists Kunihiko Matsuo and Junji Koyanagi. The beloved Japanese author Kenji Miazawa (d. 1933) is a representation of japanese traditions. As a devoted buddhist self-sacrifice is a reoccurring theme in his literary world and is also one of the highest valued virtues in Japan. By investigating Miyazawas work Rumiko explores our relation to self-sacrifice as a way to happiness.